Sunday, May 30, 2010


Seremban Cup semi final! Due to opponent doesn't ahve enough players, we walkover enter final!! However, we still play a friendly match to prepare for 2morrow (today) K.l Division 1 match!! Final score were 4:2 won, i score one even i sub on second half!! Performance not that good!! but it's no important, bz everyone were no mood to ply for it, since it's justa friendly match!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucky training day

Nowaday i seldom hv opportunity to train myself during sunday morning, cz everytime that will be competition on saturdau\y or sunday! However due to the tiem table today i got the change to run on sudnay morning on my near by house mountain!! 2 time up the mountain with timing 1st=5.51s 2nd=5m15s! last time i was ran with 6m30s! I think i got my fitness back start from now!! And i had run 3 times up hill 70 meter timing were 1st=20s 2nd=18s 3rd=19s!! Going to faint down dy!! Heart rate around 180bpm, 90% intensity!! Curcial time!! Keep on fit!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


2.4km inclind 2 level=9:50! Uppper body workout 2 set except chest muscle!! Performance drop bz of hamstring pull rest about 4 days didnt exercise! Slowly gain back my fitness!! This year hv to win something !!!! Hope this is not my last chance to ply at Malaysia Chinese Cup!! Target, score more goal and assits!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


11 may: 2.4km=9:50(inclind level:2) plus full body workout 13May: 2.4km=9:28(inclind level 2) plus full body workout!! Now i just realize, i get happiness from doing that kind of thing!! Good or not? depend on how happy I am!! I am happy now!!


Finally i score goal! I was waiting for it long long time! Eventhough the goal contain a lot of luck, it really gv me confident to score moore goal in future match! K.L Division 1: Goldvally vs ??? 2:0, i score the second goal! Really happy, i can score again!! Oleh~~~

Monday, May 3, 2010


Ray Hall Said: Coach Change life
Lim Kim Chun Said: Football give life
Me: Football give a change to change your life

For me, football take a huge part if life, no matter whr i'm, i'm trying my best
to find a place to play football. Football let me know a lot of friends, it's a way for me
to socialize. Football is not everything for me, but it's something.
i believe, a person life cannot be only 1 thing, everytthing it's important: study, working, entertaiment
and so on. Football,is my hobby, exercise to keep myself healthy and may be better outlook?
Ths most important, it let me happy!! Everyone is looking for a happy life style!
I'm Trying my best to do that so!! Somehow people just cannot get out from something, may be sport, may be drug and some others funny funny thing!
My friend always said, people who ply football wasn't a bad guy!
People also said, most of the sportman didnt study!!
But i believe, people who really passion on sport, they aare good, even they are not good in academy!
Why refuse to join sport? IT can be fun, away from getting anxiety!
Football/ Coach/ it may be didnt change someone life, but it carry weight on some people life!
I'm one of it!!