Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 1st blog

i'm here to announce that i start working as a PE teacher in Chong Hwa!
It's really not easy, as i'm still a student i'm just focusing on study. However, now i need to find some income to live! Honestly, this is really hard for me! i mean i'm still adapting mine new living style! somehow i'm missing my college and school life! it's really a wonderful life when i look back. There were so many sweet memkory and friends over there. I realized that when people start looking back on there past, because they were no satisfy on their current status. As i said, i'm not to said unsatisfy in my current status, just i need sometime to adapt.

Like all the students will said PE teacher wasn;t study. 1stly i was quite unhappy with that, but now i thik this is a good thing, cz there will be no pressure to PE teacher. I always ask myself how long can i sustain in thsi job. Like past few jobs, i doenst sustain long! i dont know, but i try!
May be i choice this job because i want to continue my sport life! Sport is important to me! But i need some geng together with me, it's very x 99 important.

Job life, most important is responsibilities. now i can feel the burden on y shoulder, it resists me to move forward in the greater speed. sometime i feel tired and helpless, but i hv to learn to be a man, a real man! i hope i able to do it! NIKE (just do it)